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Razer Orochi Mouse

by The Oracle on December 8, 2009 · 0 comments

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Razer is a brand that has become synonymous with gaming. From the outset, the company are dedicated to the best of gaming peripherals. Razer previously made history by publishing its first wireless gaming mouse, stunning Mamba. Now it is on the basis of the success of Mamba has traces of yet another first.

Named after a mythical Japanese arm eight serpent, Orochi you see here is not only a Razer’s first portable Gaming Mouse, it is also the first ever Bluetooth Right. Naturally, we had access to it themselves.


Product Specifications

  • Razer Precision 3G Laser Sensor
  • Up to 2000 DPI (wireless)/ 4000 DPI (wired)
  • 125Hz polling (wireless) / 1000Hz (wired)
  • 8ms response time (wireless) / 1ms (wired)
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Razer Synapse Onboard Memory
  • On-the-Fly Sensitivity adjustment
  • Ultraslick Teflon feet

Member of the Small

As befits a portable mouse, Orochi is really small. While this is easy to carry, it has proven to be using a bit tricky and requires a transition period. Instead of the entire palm of the hand at rest the mouse, you must use the Orochi is flicking and direct it towards greater use your fingers. Fair trade off, and portability.

Orochi is the Razer’s first Bluetooth mouse, and get it to synchronize our computer was easy. You can also use the Orochi wired mode, if preferred, and in fact it is rated to work better in wired mode. When connected to your computer via the supplied USB cable, Orochi the songs up to 4000 DPI and up to 1000Hz polls, with a 1 ms response time. Bluetooth mode, but performance takes a swim as the Orochi, only capable of monitoring up to 2000 dpi and has a lower number of polling stations, 125Hz and 8 ms response time.

When it comes to game page, Orochi has everything you expect. It is equipped with Razer’s Precision 3G laser sensor, its built-in Synapse onboard memory for storing macros, side buttons, ultra-smooth Teflon and on-the-Fly sensitivity adjustment.

Pro Road Gamers

Usually, when one thinks of portable mice, it’s common to think of them as inadequate for gaming, but Orochi breaks that mold. Thanks to ultra-high resolution scanner and super-fast sampling rate, Orochi is able to adapt against the best gaming mice.

Orochi works well enough with wireless connection, but if you crave that high accuracy and smoothness, wired mode path. Advanced 2000 dpi and fast response time of 1ms made noticeable differences in performance. Our only problem with using it in wired mode, is that the set of the USB cable is too short for our liking.

But despite this works well, its small size remains the main stumbling block, largely because it is not the most comfortable mouse in the world. For those who are not accustomed to such a small size of the mouse, you’will find your fingers after a hard hour of intensive use. With this in mind, probably won’t ideal for overnight parties games on the net.

Concluding thoughts

Razer’S portable gaming mouse the first major blow. For its size, it is packed with full features. And from a performance standpoint, it is surprisingly accurate and fluid, whether it be in wired or wireless mode. The only problem we foresee is its small size, which, of course, will require some use to get.

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